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“No one but you, Ma’am” Secrets of Inspiring Education. A book for educators and pedagogues, a collection of advice, anecdotes, and specific instructions for successful lessons and proper approaches to working with children/teenagers. It is time to share our secrets with the world. 

We are certain that every teacher should have this book on their shelf.


"The Best Experiments for Kids" A collection of the most interesting experiments and sensory activities - for teachers, parents, animators, pedagogues, speech therapists, and older children. It is a treasure trove of knowledge with step-by-step instructions. Many experiments include a QR code that links certain pages of the book to the appropriate videos on YouTube. The excited faces of hundreds of our students confirm our belief that we are going in the right direction

Other e-books with ready-to-use lesson plans, exercises, and ideas for developing language skills -  gradually introduced into our SHOP


Fairy tales and teaching materials:

Sets of fairy tales in the form of booklets and educational materials that support the development of language skills in children.


Lesson materials:

Ready-to-use lesson plans, printable materials, and interactive presentations to enhance your classes and encourage students to participate actively.


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