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Our many years of experience include working with children of all ages. We teach, create, listen, experiment, and inspire.




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I am a Master of English with decades of teaching practice. I have completed numerous courses, trainings, and workshops, including earning a diploma in Media Literacy from Iowa State University. I have worked in international schools with English as the language of instruction. For years, I have been creating my own educational materials, supporting students in gaining knowledge. I also help teachers improve their methodological skills. I surprise my students with creativity in my lessons, ensuring that knowledge stays with them for a long time.


As an educator, I have worked in international schools and preschools for many years, building my experience in various roles. I am also a school mediator and social skills trainer. 
I create heartfelt stories in poems, songs, and educational materials. I have conducted numerous sensory workshops for children and youth, and the list of ideas for more is endless.
I envisioned Yes! You Can. as a place full of inspiration, where everyone receives what they come for. 
We all have different needs and we are all different, but there are topics that unite us.

Yes! You can. is for people with passion and open minds.

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